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Puppy Up! Nashville, TN

It began with a promise to raise awareness of canine cancer one mile, one city, and one person at time. Luke Robinson with his two dogs walked 2000 miles from Austin to Boston to fulfill the promise he made to his dog Malcolm who died from this horrible disease.

2 Million Dogs was formed on the belief that if 2 dogs can walk 2000 miles to bring awareness to cancer surely 2 million dogs can walk 2 miles. Through The Puppy Up! Walk, we are building the largest pet and people cancer community in the world; from business people to artists to scientists and humanitarians, a partnership forged with the singular purpose of ridding the world of its deadliest disease.

The 2 Million Dogs Foundation is committed to discovering the common links between canine and human cancers and the causes of these cancers through comparative oncology research.

Sign up for a 2 Million Dogs Puppy Up! Walk… there will never be a better time like this to Puppy Up! against cancer.

A cancer-free world starts with one dog, each mile at a time.

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